• Are Dental x-rays safe?

    Yes. West Prairie Dental uses only digital x-rays. That means your exposure to radiation is equal to less than an hour outside in the sun compared to traditional film x-rays. Plus they are better for the environment because no chemicals have to be used to develop them.

  • What are dental sealants?

    Sealants are a thin resin coating placed on newly erupted molars. They fill the deep grooves and pits on the chewing surfaces to prevent bacteria causing cavities in these spots.

  • Do you use white fillings?

    Yes. West Prairie Dental does not offer amalgam, or metal fillings. We feel using resin composite, tooth colored filling material, is a better and healthier treatment choice for our patients.

  • Is it normal for my teeth to be sensitive after a new filling or crown?

    Yes. Teeth are often sensitive, especially to cold, for a few days after a new filling or crown. If the sensitivity lingers for more than a few weeks, please call us to have the tooth checked for other problems.

  • What can be done to help my fear of dental treatment?

    The first thing we can do to make you more comfortable is just getting to know you and talking you through any treatment you may need. Second, we can consider using various types of calming and sedation procedures. Nitrous gas can help ease patients during treatment. The use of sedative medications prior to your treatment can also have a great effect making patients almost forget they had any treatment done.

  • What are dental implants?

    Dental implants are often the best way to replace a missing or badly broken tooth. The implant is a titanium alloy cylinder that placed in the jawbone where the tooth was. It acts like the root and then a crown is put on top of top. They feel and look very natural. Many patients are surprised to learn that having an implant placed is less uncomfortable than having the tooth removed!